The History of Writing
Alessio Leonardi’s first book is published by Editions

The Italo-German designer, Alessio Leonardi, will present his first book at a lecture at the Typo Berlin 2004. The subject of this work is the history of writing and it is told in an unusual way: from the point of view of God, science and the author himself.
Richly illustrated (approx. 200 pictures) and written with real Italo-German humour, the book is sure to become a classic in the world of typography. And the reason for this is because:
“Everything is possible, even typography is fun!”
(as quoted by Prof. Erik Spiekermann who kindly wrote the foreword.)

The book
From the Cow to the Typewriter
the (true) History of Writing
by Alessio Leonardi
Foreword by Prof. Erik Spiekermann
Translated by Michelle Stephens and Simon Arnold
160 Seiten
approx. 200 Abbildungen
148x210 mm
ISBN 3-9809451-0-3
Publication date: 13.05.2004

From the content:
Chapter one
The history of writing as taught by religion
(or) Writing history: God’s view
Chapter two
The history of writing as taught by science
(or) Writing history: research results
(or) Scientific findings
(or) Galloping through the research results
Chapter three
The history of writing as it could have been
(or) Writing history: Alessio’s view
(or) Theory in practice: Alberobanana

About the author
Alessio Leonardi has been living in Berlin since 1990. He designs everything from A to Z, and runs the design studio Leonardi.Wollein Visual Concepts together with Priska Wollein. His love for typography and his catholic education have given him the opportunity to make excellent contacts with the gods of writing, thus acquiring lots of insider information. It is a pleasure for Alessio to share his knowledge with everyone who attends his lectures or reads his articles. Alessio Leonardi is married and the proud father of wonderful twins.

About Editions is A. Leonardi’s online type foundry that sells all his typefaces. As soon as he found out that there wasn’t much time for the production of his book, he decided to publish it himself, saving time and giving himself final say on the content and form of the book. He is currently working on new titles.

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