Something about Buy My Fonts (dot) com – i.E. who are we and so on.
Our very large company has two owners, my beautiful wife and me.
Imme Leonardi was born in Bremen, Germany. After some experiences abroad (England and France) she went back to Germany and seattled in Berlin. She worked at Leonardi.Wollein Visuelle Konzepte for about seven years and then decided to found her own studio, The Lion & the Bee. Imme and Alessio merried 2002 and are merry to have merried. Imme is a great grafic designer and has created beautiful typefaces that she does not want me to sell. She does not look like a german (how do germans look like?!) and speaks fluently french, english and a ancient form of the italian language (it was used to be spoken in northern Italy about 1200 a.C.). If you have any questions about and would you like to get an answer, then ask her!

Alessio Leonardi was born in Florence, Italy. In 1990 he came to Berlin and waited for Imme a lot of years. Finally they met each other and after a while got merried. In the meantime he worked at MetaDesign, where he learned many things at the court of Erik Spiekermann. He had a lot of inspiration from kind designers (among them he has to thanks Alexander Branczyk, Thomas Nagel, Lucas de Groot, Max Kisman & Erik van Blokland). After a while he was bored of that big design company and decided to study philosophy in Turin. He bought all the books he needed and begun to read, but a couple of clients gave him more and more jobs to do, so that at the end he was constrained to found his own studio toghether with Priska Wollein and hiring some good designers to get some help. Actually he never complained the decision to stop the philosophy studies. Alessio has different fake personalities and has been seen working like a grafic designer, a typedesigner, an industrial designer, a cook, an illustrator, an editor and a writer. He is an atheist (he does not believe in any god, but he likes to talk about it).
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