Very brief: "From the Cow to the Typewriter: the (true) History of Writing" is the book you need if you love type, typography, history, cheese, illustrations and me (and you don't even need to love all these things together!).

Short: Alessio wrote this book to finally tell the (true) history of writing. After reading a lot of books (all mentioned in the bibliography) and long talking with God, he decided that words could not express all the wisdom he collected and decided to make hundreds of very informative drawings in addition. In order to print the book, Alessio asked the devil for some help, but he was to busy and so Alessio made it on his own.

Long: More information and pictures and interesting stuff for journalists can be found clicking here or can be requested at

Last but not least: This book has won the award "Best CowBook of the Year" in 2004 and has been already selected for the 2005 edition!