Buy My Fonts (dot) com
Interview with Alessio Leonardi, CEO, Founder and Owner of BuyMyFonts(dot)com.
We: Alessio Leonardi, can I call you Alessio?
ALessio Leonardi: Yes, of course. It is a good idea. My mother called me so too. And my brother. Even my teachers. And my friends. Maybe I should get use to it, I think it should be my name.
We: But it is your name.
AL: Beautiful coincidence!
We: Alessio, you are the CEO, Founder and Owner of BuyMyFonts(dot)com …
AL: Yes!
We: … it wasn’t a question. The question is, what is BuyMyFonts(dot)com?
AL: Oh, this is a very good question. [He just smile and say nothing more]
We: Could you please answer to this question?
AL: I see! It’s an interview: you put the questions and I answer! Great, I love interviews. What was the question?
We: Well, what is BuyMyFonts(dot)com?
AL: It is my company, I am the CEO, Founder and Owner of BuyMyFonts(dot)com.
We: Well, maybe you could tell us, what your companies does.
AL: Now or in general?
We: In general and now. AL: these are two questions, do I have more time to answer them?
We: You can take all the time you want, but please, answer.
AL: Well, thank you for the question, for the two questions. I am really happy you asked me them I will be pleased to give you one answer for each question.
We: You are so kind. AL: Thank you. I try my best. You know, it is important to give the people like you the impression, you love them.
We’ll back soon.
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